The classification of street light poles and the pole heights applicable to each grade of street lights

The classification of street light poles

What are the types of road lighting street light poles, and how are they classified?
Street lights in road lighting have evolved from the simple column type in the past to more decorative landscape street lights, from street lights for main and secondary road lighting in big cities to
What are the types and differences of lighting street lamps on small rural roads? Secondly, the more common road lighting street lamps we use routinely are mostly simple and elegant steel cone street lamp poles
LED street lamp heads with different distances and suitable power are installed on the top. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's aesthetics and the aesthetic requirements of urban landscapes, the welcome road in the city is
Roads, image roads, etc. use LED landscape street light poles with decorative effects and functional road lighting, such as magnolia lights, Chinese lights and so on. Then follow life in a small village.
With the improvement of the level, all kinds of street light poles are also used on rural roads-generally choose economical tapered street light poles or equal-sized street light poles, followed by road light poles.
We can also classify light poles from the following aspects:
1. Classification from materials: street light poles can be divided into steel street light poles, stainless steel street light poles, and aluminum alloy street light poles in terms of materials;
2. The functions of street light poles are divided into: single-arm street light poles, double-arm street light poles, double-arm/high and low-arm street light poles, landscape street light poles;
3. From the perspective of appearance, there are equal-path street light poles, large and small adapter street light poles, conical street light poles, polygonal conical street light poles, heterosexual street light poles, and square street light poles;

What are the street light poles of different heights in road lighting and the application road levels of different heights?
We have listed the heights of the street light poles in the previous introduction of the street light pole specifications: 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters, 7 meters, 8 meters, 9 meters, 10 meters, 11 meters, 12 meters
Meters; So are these heights of street light poles suitable for the lighting of those roads? Seven Degrees Lighting has many years of experience in the production of road street light poles and design and installation. Generally, there are three major categories.
Category: low pole street lights 3-5 meters; medium pole street lights 6-8 meters, high pole street lights 10-12 meters, so where are the three types of street light poles suitable for us to install?
1. Low-pole street lights of 3-5 meters are generally installed in country roads, industrial parks or residential quarters or in single lanes or pedestrian roads in parks;
2. The mid-pole street light is 6-8 meters long. We install it in urban secondary roads, industrial park avenues, urban highway lights and other two-way single-lane or two-lane road lighting.
3. High pole street lights with 10-12 meters are mainly installed in urban trunk roads, highways, expressways and other two-way road lighting with more than 2 lanes.