The difference between outdoor garden lights and street lights and the types of garden lights

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What is the difference between outdoor garden lights and street lights?
Our urban lighting and garden construction lighting has a variety of lighting, such as large-area lighting such as square high pole lights, small decorative lighting such as buried lights, grass
Ping lights and building lighting fixtures for city image lighting, as well as various road lighting fixtures in our city, such as street lights on urban primary and secondary roads and small footpaths.
Garden lights, street lights and garden lights can all illuminate the road, so what are the differences between them? First of all, our general small roads or garden trails, urban non-motor vehicles
We will install street lights or garden lights with a height of 3 meters to 5 meters on both sides of the pedestrian road, but because the style of the street lights is relatively simple, the road lights installed on these roads are
We mostly use garden lights with decorative styles, so we call them garden lights with decorative styles and functional lighting, and we call street lights in general.
It refers to the main lighting fixtures that act on motor vehicle lanes, such as urban primary and secondary roads, park main roads and high-speed street lights, etc. The general installation height is 6 meters to 15 meters.
According to the installation and lighting requirements, you can choose single-headed or double-headed street light poles with professional LED street light fixtures, although today we use street lights with integrated LED light sources and the overall style is better.
Plus a wealth of decorative street lights such as magnolia lights, Chinese lights or custom-designed street lights of various styles, we become landscape street lights;

What are the types of outdoor garden lights?
Garden lights are an indispensable decorative lighting in garden landscape lighting. The main function of garden lights is to be used for garden landscapes, trail lighting, etc.
The characteristics of garden landscape can also play the effect of functional lighting. Therefore, garden lights are both landscape lighting and street lighting, so many places are also called landscape garden lights or
Garden street lights, etc., what are these outdoor types? In garden garden lights, we can generally divide them into Chinese garden lights and European garden lights according to the style of garden lights.
Lamps, modern garden lights, new Chinese garden lights, antique garden lights and so on.

Landscape Magnolia Lamp LED Module Street Lamp Illumination Simulation Test

Road and Lamp Description:
The road is the asphalt pavement of Landscape Avenue, with 2 lanes and sidewalks. The light poles are installed on the sidewalks, about 50cm away from the road; the magnolia lights are standard 9-fork magnolias.
Lights, 4 fork LED street light modules are installed at the bottom, 2 fork 2*50W street light modules are installed on one side of the road, and 2 fork 2*30W modules are installed on one side of the sidewalk; the light-emitting surface of the LED street light module is high from the road
The angle is 9 meters, and the luminous angle of the LED street light module is 70x130°; the road lights are installed on one side, and the distance between the LE street light poles and the poles is 35 meters;