The overall structure and installation method of road lighting poles?

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The overall structure and installation method of road lighting poles?

Description of the overall structure of the road and street light poles in conventional outdoor road lighting:
The main function of the outdoor street light pole is to support the street light fixtures, that is, to install LED street lights of different powers on the street light poles of different heights.
In the past, the conventional and simple road and street light poles mostly use cone light poles or cylindrical light poles, but nowadays, in order to enhance the beauty and appearance of the city, non-standard and heterosexual belts are also customized.
There are decorative landscape street light poles, so what is the structure of a conventional single-pole street light pole? The main components of the street light pole include:

1. Bottom flange (the flange that is fastened to the bottom of the light pole and is mainly used to fix the light pole and the base of the street light);
2. Pole body (cone rod or straight rod or heterosexual light pole can be determined according to actual height requirements)
3. Street lamp support arm (mainly plays the role of fixture and support for lamps, the support arm can also be customized with different lengths of support arms according to road lighting requirements, such as the conventional 6m street light support arm is 80cm
-100cm is enough, the link between the arm and the main pole is mostly split movable sleeve type, which can be freely adjusted according to the actual lighting direction during installation)

Road light pole installation method:
At present, the street light poles used in road lighting are all made of steel and have a cone-shaped pole; the height of street light poles in urban roads is generally 8 meters to 12 meters.
So how to install such a high street pole? In fact, the installation method of the street lamp pole is very simple, just use 4 screws to fix it on the basis of the street lamp, such a high street lamp pole as
Why stand up and put it on the pre-embedded foundation? Because the height of the street light pole is relatively high, and its double weight is relatively heavy, it is a little difficult to artificially erect the street pole, so I
We all need to use a crane to hoist the road lamp pole and then align the lamp pole flange with the pre-embedded foundation, so that the workers only need to hold the lamp pole and fix the screws.
Material classification of road light poles and comparison of advantages of different material street light poles

Street light poles, also known as "street light poles", are used to support the installation of street lights. The street light poles corresponding to different lamps are also different.
The design of living requirements is becoming more and more beautiful, and the variety is more abundant, which is widely used in various urban main/sub-arterial roads, expressways, highways, industrial parks, city squares, school
Schools, parks, scenic roads, rural roads and other road lighting; according to different environmental needs and special requirements, the material selection of road light poles is also different.
This article roughly explains the basic performance and advantages of common street light pole materials:
1. Stainless steel street light pole
The light pole is made of stainless steel as a whole, with different grades of 201, 304, and 316. The street light poles have equal diameter straight rods, and some are rolled from stainless steel sheets.
Conical light poles, the height of stainless steel light poles is generally: 3 meters - 15 meters; stainless steel light poles have the characteristics of strong hardness, corrosion resistance, beautiful and smooth appearance, and the price of stainless steel is relatively high.
Expensive, so there are few domestic applications at present;
2. Aluminum alloy light pole
Most of the aluminum alloy light poles used in road lighting are made of spinning technology.
Or high-speed spinning of 6063 aluminum alloy pipes to form conical or special-shaped rods. The aluminum alloy light pole has good anti-corrosion performance, light weight, convenient transportation and installation, and rich surface treatment methods.
Rich, long service life and other characteristics, the conventional height of the road lighting aluminum alloy lamp pole is: 5 meters -15 meters, the aluminum alloy lamp pole is relatively complex due to the relatively complex process and the raw materials are more expensive.
The price of light poles is inferior to that of stainless steel light poles; so there are relatively few domestic applications, and relatively more aluminum alloy light poles are mainly used for garden lights and landscape lights below 5 meters.
3. Steel street light poles
The steel street light pole is made of high-quality low-silicon carbon steel Q235A steel (including Si≤0.04%, yield strength>245Mpa), which is cut, rolled, welded, etc.
- A series of processes are used to make the lamp pole blank pole, and then after pickling, hot-dip galvanizing, and surface spraying or painting, it becomes a finished street lamp pole. After hot-dip galvanizing inside and outside, the pole can have
Effective anti-corrosion, the service life can be up to 30 years; the height of steel street light poles: 5-15 meters and 15-40 meters high pole lights or lighthouses are made of Q235 steel, relatively above
2 kinds of material street light poles The price of steel street light poles is more suitable, and it has the widest range of use at all times.