What are the advantages of using led street lights to replace traditional street lights?

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What are the advantages of using led street lights to replace traditional street lights?
First of all, the LED street light adopts a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly light source "LED" self-luminous diode - using the principle of semiconductor chip light-emitting, LED light source has high light efficiency and long life.Long, pollution-free, etc. - series of features and advantages are widely favored by government units and engineering companies. From the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, LED street lights are the best choice.

Almost all of us use gas discharge lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps as the light source of street lamps on the roads in the city. High-pressure sodium lamps also occupy most of the road lighting market in a certain period of time.
To use the LE street lamp on the same road and the same installation height of the street lamp pole, the light on the road can reach the same illuminance as the high pressure sodium lamp.
It is more than half less than the actual power of high-pressure sodium lamps. For example, traditional high-pressure sodium lamps of 250W can be replaced by 100W-150W LED street lamps.

The electric effect is obviously reduced by half, followed by the LED street lamp is almost maintenance-free, and there is no need to replace the light source or electrical appliances after a year or so like the high pressure sodium lamp, while the LED street lamp is almost maintenance-free.The light quality is good and can be replaced for 3 or 5 years. It is still the same height as the new installation. Without maintenance, it saves a lot of maintenance costs. Therefore, we save electricity and save energy.
From the two aspects of maintenance costs, we can know why LED street lights are the best choice for government street light renovation projects.

Are LED street lights the same brightness as traditional high pressure sodium street lights?
Today we can see that the brightness of 1ed street lights is not only the same as that of traditional street lights, but even the 1ed street lights replaced in many places are brighter than the original traditional street lights.
The advantages of street lamps are high luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and long life, so they have been vigorously promoted and applied. Therefore, the brightness is only one advantage compared with traditional street lamps, and secondly, environmental protection and saving.
Energy and long life are the important advantages of LED street lights. Energy saving and environmental protection are mainly reflected in the actual function of a set of LED street lights and a set of traditional street lights installed at the same height.
The luminous efficiency height is lower than that of traditional street lamps, and the power can reach below 50%. For example, 1 50W high pressure sodium lamp street lamp, we can now use 80W 1ed street lamp to achieve the same illumination.
Clear effect.

3 lanes 1 0.5m street light with 9m street light pole single head 180W1ed street light head spacing 30m arrangement photometric results.