What are the specifications to choose LED street lamps for conventional urban roads?

China manufacture choose LED street lamps for conventional urban roads

What are the specifications of the high-power LED street lamps for conventional urban roads?

Each product has its own specifications. The street lamps used in road lighting are mostly suitable for outdoor public places and road vehicles and pedestrians at night.
Provide a lot of convenience, so when we design and purchase street lamps, we will do enough evaluation and testing of the specifications and performance of the lamps to ensure that there will be no problems in later use.
Now unnecessary maintenance costs and troubles, so what should the general specifications include when we design and select led street lamps? High-power 1ed street lamps are used

It is a 1ed lamp bead as a light source, so we may not know much about its specifications or parameters for the new type of light source.
The specification parameters actually include the material of the lamp, rated power, color temperature of the luminous light, working voltage, lamp size and installation size, etc., such as 120W LED road.

We can write the specifications of the lamp; lamp body material: die-cast aluminum, aluminum profile; rated power: 120W, light color: warm light 3000k\white light 5000k, working electricity
Voltage: AC220V\.50Hz, lamp size: length*width*height (mm); these are the basic parameters of LED street lamps, if it is a project that has stricter requirements for lamps, it may be

It will involve such as: the detailed specifications of LED lamp beads such as LED chip size, lamp bead model\type, chip brand, etc. The power requirements are mainly the power supply brand and power supply.
Its own performance is expensive. For example, the driving power brands that are often used for LED street lamps on the market include Taiwan's Mingwei, Shenzhen Maoshuo, Songsheng, etc. high-end driving power supply. These brands

The outdoor drive power supply has a regular warranty of 5 years, and if it is used in a normal use environment, it can generally have a longer service life.

Rural road lighting solar street light recommended system specification parameter configuration

With the improvement of the level of urbanization in rural areas, the requirements for lighting at night are also increasing. For the sake of two-legged rural areas, the country has vigorously promoted the safety and convenience of night travel.
In the new rural road high-tech project, Dongguan solar street light manufacturers have specially launched a series of solutions for using rural road lighting.
More costs also illuminate the road in the dark night in the countryside, making it a safe umbrella for your travel;
Rural solar street lights application range:
Road lighting and lighting for new rural roads, community squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, and park greening places with lights;
Working principle of rural solar street lights:
Environmental protection and energy saving: solar photovoltaic lamps and sunlight are used as energy sources to convert sunlight energy into electrical energy and then into light energy, which is green, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and pollution-free;
Use safety: Solar photovoltaic lamps use low-voltage direct current, usually: DC12V or DC24V independent power generation system, the voltage is lower than the human safety voltage, in line with national security
electricity standard,
Simple installation: no need to lay cables, installation and maintenance are simple and convenient;